Fallout 4 Rap Song

This is a rap song dedicated to the video game Fallout 4 and life in the Commonwealth. Every single line in this song is about the game, so hopefully true fans will appreciate all the references.

I’ve made rap songs and lyric videos for Fallout 3, then Skyrim and now Fallout 4. I am a super fan when it comes to these Bethesda series and have 300+ hours into this game before making this song.

There are lots of great samples spliced together from the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. videos, giving it that classic Hip Hop feeling.



[Fallout 4 Rap]
by Karanastic
Karanastic.com | November 2016

moving around the Commonwealth
am I a synth am I really myself?
low to the ground when I’m using stealth
Stim Pack shot to replenish health
got a mini nuke and a wooden swatter
survival mode made life much harder
I’m a hit you in the face and then go charter
a boat to the mist to the aisle Far Harbor
started out with my wife and kid
till the bombs came, messed up my crib
had to escape down to a vault
war never changes, what did it solve?
wife gets shot then son gets stolen
I’m stuck here helpless – bodies frozen
I swear when I get out I’m a start patrolling
I’m a take these skulls I’m a bust em open
couple hundred years landscapes’s eroding
church of Atom has my devotion
I’m pistol holding – gun fascination
shoot Super Mutants with radiation
clean up the streets I’m sanitation
kill you below at the subway station
gallery of gore like Pickman
with this calling card I’m sick man
life’s changed, Codsworth’s the same
Sanctuary’s where I remain
built a fortress with workshop
drink Nuka Cola till my heart stop
got ripper blades that are sharp
cars everywhere rusted in park
made some friends, some companions
enemies with some fights intense
can you defeat me? no there’s not a chance
boss a’ Nuka World so I’m important
killed every one in Railroad till there membership became zeroed
on this Prydwen blimp I’m riding collecting viable blood for science
Brotherhood’s my alliance guiding Liberty Prime for violence
marketplace with Takahashi noodle cups are delicious and oh so hardy
go to Goodneighbor just to kill somebody or they’ll do it first up in this society
Deathclaws – Protectrons – booby traps that get stepped on
Molerats n yao guai to mirelurks and bloatfly
went berserk – first time I saw glowing nuka lurk
seen it first hand they’ve been known to hurt
the dude Kellog is a stupid jerk
so I’m gonna level up and collect a perk
so I can – do some task for the minute men
Preston’s quests never end
and the reason I joined I don’t know, I’ll be damned
what should I do? Go to Red Rocket or Gwinett Brew?
eat preserved pie or the mutfruit?
forget fast travel lets walk through this charter schools with a bunch of ghouls and go to
Swans Pond maybe Hyde Park, Check out all of Boston’s landmarks
me and Dogmeat got a big journey to embark