Rap Music You’ll Actually Like

I am Karanastic. I make kick-ass rap music from my home studio in San Diego County. The rhymes contained here are sarcastic, unique, sometimes nerdy but never lame.

I bring a new style to the hip hop game. My own. Everyone’s life is unique and I’m here to share my perspective on things. With over 10 years of recording experience in the rap game, you can bet your bottom dollar that I only deliver high quality, independent hip hop music.

On this site you will find whole collection of songs available to stream and download. If you’re more of a visual person, there are also plenty of music videos to enjoy as well. If you’re really feeling the musical vibes I’m offering, you can help support the underground by getting a copy of my albums or singles from iTunes, Google Play and Spotify.
Some call me the Internet’s Best Rapper, take a listen to find out if you agree. While you are listening, just remember, I keep it real so you don’t have to.