The Supervillain Evildoer EP

A conceptual masterpiece from start to finish. Music with a purpose.

The Supervillain Evildoer EP by Karanastic is essentially a underground concept album revealing the origin and attitude of this San Diego based rapper. All 5 songs were written in a two month time period before being recorded in February 2017. This means there is crazy cohesion in the themes and style, which is unique and unparalled to anything else in rap.

While other people may prefer to rap about big screen tvs, sexy ladies, homosexuals & Vicodin; Karanastic does it up with songs about the Illuminati, conspiracy theories and pop culture.

Fast-flowing, hardcore, indepenent, hip hop/rap music with a semi-high production value with lots of self awareness. What’s not to love? Hope you enjoy listening to this Extended Play album as much as The Internet’s Best Rapper himself loved creating this passion project.