The UpsideDown

A monster has been unleashed and he’s here to shred up the rap game. A twisted outing from the most slept on artist in the industry.

Karanastic, the underground rapper, takes his listeners on an exciting ride through the unknown with his latest mixtape “The UpsideDown”. The album features a powerful soundscape, with trap style beats and a killer flow that is both raspy and full of rhyme talent and storytelling.

Karanastic’s music is a unique blend of his passion for the internet and computers, combined with his musical talent. He creates his tracks from the comfort of his own garage, which speaks to his versatility as a musician.

The 8-track collection is an enjoyable listen, as Karanastic keeps it raw and real, with a flair for the exaggerated. “Back to the Heart” is a special collaboration with Wizard From Earth, a heartwarming tribute to the power of love. “Lighten Up” is a cheerful reminder to live in the moment and take it easy. “Average Joe” is a celebration of Karanastic’s individuality and refusal to conform to expectations.

The album closes with “Futuristic but Not Optimistic,” a thought-provoking look at the current state of the world. This track showcases Karanastic’s ability to tackle serious subjects with intelligence and depth. “The UpsideDown” is a must-listen for any rap lover, a stunning display of musical mastery.