The UpsideDown

A monster has been unleashed and he’s here to shred up the rap game. A twisted outing from the most slept on artist in the industry.

A dark journey to the unknown in this 2020 mixtape from underground rapper Karanastic.
Hard hitting trap style beats dominate the sound of the album with a killer, slightly-raspy flow to go along with it. A stunning display of rhyme talent and storytelling.

Unique music because it comes from a perspective of a humble man who spends time on computers and the internet. This 34 year old rap enthusiast can make some killer songs in his garage.
Never being too serious, Karanastic keeps it raw and real (albeit slightly exaggerated) in this 8 track musical collecticion.

The UpsideDown delivers from all angles. Enjoyable songs with high production quality from a person with a passion for making songs.