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Welcome to the official contact page of Karanastic, your go-to online indie rapper. The quest for innovative hip hop and stunning collaborations never stops here. While social media might not be my primary stage, my enthusiasm for working with talented artists and fans never wavers.

Are you an emerging rapper or an appreciator of unique hip hop sounds? Maybe you’ve got queries or thoughts to share? Whatever the case, I’m eager to connect. The blending of different perspectives and talents can propel the music to unprecedented levels. So, ready to contribute to this musical journey? Fill in the form below and let’s make it happen!

For a more direct approach, feel free to drop me a line at drew@karanastic.com. Let’s elevate the hip hop game together!

Lyric of the Moment

“Kind of weak and kind of soft, you level 1 – I’m the final boss. You Slippy Toad I’m StarFox, no, Andross on the Planet Hoth. Melt the snow and make it hot after I drink your teardrops.”

From the song “Eyes Open