Karanastic – The self proclaimed and independent “Internet’s Best Rapper” has been writing and recording songs since 2006. What started as a challenge soon became a lifelong interest. This is hard hitting rap music with a cynical twist about life, the universe, the media, conspiracy theories, video games, and a swarm of other nonsense that consumes our fragile world.


Music is one of my creative outlets and I try to make it sound unique and awesome. I keep it at least 20% cooler than the next leading rapper on the internet. No mumble rap, autotune or gimmicks. I deliver those fire bars and rap tight. People who don’t like rap music enjoy Karanastic, but people who do enjoy it even more.


I make songs from the unique perspective of life as a thirty-something, middle-class business professional with a passion for dropping fire bars. I don’t know anything about hustling or the gangsta life, although I hear it’s rather intriguing. I spend entirely too much time philosophizing about living in the Matrix and getting angry about cable news. Often lost within the depths of the internet, this West Coast rapper from the North East proudly admits to getting inspiration from pro-wrestling, Pokemon cards and the local brewery.


Karanastic – Keeping it real so you don’t have too.

The Supervillain Evil Doer EP

The quintessential album about the Illuminati, flat earth and super villains.
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Featured Audio

Enough talk, it’s time for the music. Here are some recent songs I’ve created. Give em a listen and see if they tickle your fancy. 100% Fresh Organic Music.

Pretty Awesome Music Videos

An audio visual sensation like you’ve never experienced. The hottest thing not trending on YouTube. Your eyes and ears would thank you if they could.

Communist – Karanastic:

Skyrim (Elder Scrolls) Rap:


Lyric of the Moment

Party Days? What are those? I sit at home and I wash my clothes. On a laundry basket I stub my toe. Only way these days that I drop a load. 
From the song “Average Joe”