Karanastic, aka The Internet’s Best Rapper. If you like hard hitting rap music then you’ve come to the right place. Usually upbeat, always eccentric and slightly gangsta without the street cred. Rapping about everything from life and the universe to the media and conspiracy theories. You will soon see that Karanastic is not your average rapper.  


Residing in the Florida USA, this lyricist has a passion for setting fire to the microphone and delivering wicked bars. Always telling it like it is, Karanastic likes his rhymes fast and lyrics raw. Never afraid to offend or invoke thought either. Enjoy the high production values and raspy sound made entirely in his home studio. Listen to the intensity and the unique style you need to hear to understand.


Karanastic – Keeping it real so you don’t have to.

The UpsideDown

Brand New 2020 Album
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Featured Audio

Enough talk, it’s time for the music. Here are some recent songs I’ve created. Give em a listen and see if they tickle your fancy. All tracks are written, recorded and edited by Karanastic.

TMNT Rap (The Shredder)

by Karanastic | The Internet's Nerdiest Rapper

Pretty Awesome Music Videos

An audio visual sensation like you’ve never experienced. The hottest thing not trending on YouTube. Your eyes and ears would thank you if they could.

Back to the Heart:


Burn Up


Lyric of the Moment

Worst thing you can do is apologize, you can sprinkle the truth with a few more lies, like how I’m at parties and socialize

From the song “Back to the Heart”