Karanastic stands behind of an open fire

The Internet's Best Rapper

Underground rap and hip hop music like you've never heard

Who is Karanastic?

The Internet’s Best Rapper aka Karanastic. Unique rap which can be ridiculous and truthful at the same time. Hard hitting rhymes and fast flow is not for the weary or faint of heart.

Originating in the Rhode Island and Massachusetts area, K-Nasty migrated to the South West Coast to perfect his craft. He’s been grinding away, making music in the underground for years. Karanastic¬†– Keeping it real so you don’t have to.


Lyric of the Moment

Guess what else? Earth is flat. Look it up ya mind gets zapped.

The Supervillain Evil Doer EP

Album now available through most major online retailers iTunesGoogle Play

Pretty Awesome Music Videos

proof that new rap music doesn't suck