The self proclaimed and world renowned “Internet’s Best Rapper” has been recording songs independently for over a dozen years. This hard-hitting, mostly upbeat and epic rap music is created with a fury of emotional intelligence that will rock your senses. People who don’t like rap music enjoy Karanastic, but people who do enjoy it even more.

Rapping touch on subjects people, but more importantly I, care about – like life, pop-culture, conspiracy theories, self-awareness and a swarm of other nonsense that consumes our fragile world. More importantly, I rap about stuff I want to rap about. These songs aren’t as cohesive stories as they are excerpts from a brilliantly maniacal brain.

Karanastic makes songs from his unique perspective of life as a thirty-something year old middle-class business professional. He spends entirely too much time philosophizing about living in the Matrix. Often lost within the depths of the internet, this West Coast rapper from the North East proudly admits to getting inspiration from pro-wrestling, Pokemon cards and fake news.

Remember – I keep it real so you don’t have to.

The Supervillain Evil Doer EP

An album so hot you'll think you sat on a candle.
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The Internet’s Best Rapper

Underground rap and hip-hop music so raw that you’ll probably need to apply ointment after listening to any of these featured songs.

Pretty Awesome Music Videos

An audio visual sensation like you’ve never experienced. The hottest thing not trending on YouTube. Your eyes and ears would thank you if they could.

Friend or Foe:

Eyes Open:


Lyric of the Moment

If you live long, enemies always win eventually. time to live it up and do everything you can potentially. Is your legacy left? We’ll see in about a century. 

– From the song “Choice is Yours”