Karanastic – The self proclaimed Internet’s Best Rapper. An unknown independent musician who has been creating rap songs since 2006. This is hard hitting, underground hip hop music with a cynical twist about life and the universe. Rapping about the media, conspiracy theories, and a grip of other interesting topics that should spark your interest (or at least mine).


Enjoy listening to this obscure thirty-something year old, middle-class business professional. Residing in the USA, this lyricist has a passion for setting fire to the microphone and delivering wicked rhymes.  Karanastic tells it like it is and is never afraid to offend. Scope out the intensity and the cool unique style that you have to hear to understand.


Karanastic – Keeping it real so you don’t have to.

Here We Are

The new hip hop single from unsigned rapper Karanastic
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Massive Music Collection Added

Massive Music Collection Added

Greeting rap fans. I just did something you won't see on any other musical artist's website. I uploaded a collection of 60+ songs. Each one is available to stream as well as download. It's mobile and desktop friendly, requires no sign ups and are straight links to...

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Featured Audio

Enough talk, it’s time for the music. Here are some recent songs I’ve created. Give em a listen and see if they tickle your fancy. 100% Fresh Organic Music.

Pretty Awesome Music Videos

An audio visual sensation like you’ve never experienced. The hottest thing not trending on YouTube. Your eyes and ears would thank you if they could.

Communist – Karanastic:

Skyrim (Elder Scrolls) Rap:


Lyric of the Moment

Party Days? What are those? I sit at home and I wash my clothes. On a laundry basket I stub my toe. Only way these days that I drop a load. 
From the song “Average Joe”