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Two New Songs Added to the Music Section

Hello Karanastic Nation! Today is a great day for many reasons. Be thankful you're alive and rejoice that I dropped two new songs! Both of these have been added to the Music section of the site, which has streaming versions of my whole discography. The first one is...

Send you to the morgue - by Karanastic
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Karanastic Mixtapes on DatPiff

If you are a hip-hop head, then you probably know about DatPiff. They are the most popular site for hosting mixtapes. They have hot music and host everything from Major Rappers to the Independant Underground like myself. I have 5 MIXTAPES available for...

Karanastic DatPiff Album Cover

Massive Music Collection Added

Greeting rap fans. I just did something you won't see on any other musical artist's website. I uploaded a collection of 60+ songs. Each one is available to stream as well as download. It's mobile and desktop friendly, requires no sign ups and are straight links to...

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Karanastic Meets the New Day

I don't know about you, but I think wrestling is awesome. It's a live action, dramatic television program where they perform death defying stunts. Best of all, there is no reruns. While I was at Comic Con, I happened to run into the current WWE World Heavyweight...

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This blazing hot track uses samples from obscure, public-domain science fiction movies. It's also about how terrible the human race is in general - while being tongue in cheek.  This one makes you think. Even if you don't appreciate the message, you might enjoy it...

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Get Away on iTunes

The smash single of the summer is now available on iTunes. That hit of course is Get Away by Karanastic. This song has a badass rock hook and three sets of killer verses by yours truly. I makes references from O.J. Simpson to Marvel's Daredevil. That's how I do it....

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‘Get Away’ now available on Google Play

As Spice Girls alumni Mel B would say - this Rock-Rap song is off the chain! It sure is Mel, it sure is. I blend a wicked combo in this one in this hella-explicit track about backing the F up. If the radio stations were cool enough, they would play this on repeat....

Get Away by Karanastic
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Riot in the Streets Music Video

Here is the latest rap music video by Karanastic. This one is  called Riot in the Streets and it features hard hitting verses from the rap gods Christofski and Wizard From Earth. The video is pretty cool too. It features clips and imagery that relate to the lyrics...

Riot in the Streets by Karanastic