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This is a selection of my top songs. A place where a captivating, compelling, and creative collection of my top tracks await. his selection represents the heart of my 15+ years in rap, each song crafted with care and passion. Here, it’s all about the lyrics and flow – written, mixed, and recorded by yours truly. Just press play to start streaming; no gimmicks, just pure, unadulterated music.

Nerd and Pop Culture Rap

Karanastic’s unique ‘Nerd’ rap collection. Here, you’ll encounter epic verses inspired by iconic elements from pop culture, ranging from the legendary TMNT and Showtime’s Dexter, to the riveting world of Breaking Bad and the grand saga of Game of Thrones. Whether you’re a comic enthusiast, a TV series devotee, or an epic fantasy fan, there’s a track here that echoes your passion. Hit play and immerse yourself in the thrilling blend of imaginative storytelling and lyrical genius.

Mixtape – The UpsideDown

Prepare to be captivated. ‘The Upside Down’ mixtape from Karanastic encapsulates an unmatched blend of provocative lyrics and complex beats. This collection embodies the audacious spirit and cutting-edge style of Karanastic’s music. Experience the fresh, innovative realm of hip-hop when you stream ‘The Upside Down’.

Lyric of the Moment

“Everything I learned in life I learned from Mr. Feeney, cuz this Boy Meet’s World, but oh man it’s really greedy. Maybe pull a 180, spin ya life around, maybe all these crack-pots will put their crack-pipes down”

From the song “Communist”