You’ve stumbled upon the Karanastic music archive! This is a collection of all of the songs I’ve made throughout the years. Everything is ready to stream right here, right now, no signups, no bs.

These songs are separated by year. You can then stream this musical art directly from your computer, tablet or phone by pressing the play button (duh).

The MP3 and streaming audio is hosted and maintained by me on the official webserver. This means that everything is legit and you have zero hassle during the process. I’m not only a rapper, I’m also a techie who wants you to easily access my music.

Hope ya’ll enjoy…



Futuristic Not Optimistic

by Karanastic | The UpsideDown

The Shoutout (Daves of Thunder)

by Karanastic | Daves of Thunder Podcast

7 Long Years (Daves of Thunder)

by Karanastic | Daves of Thunder Podcast

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