The Internet’s Best Rapper

Karanastic – aka the Internet’s Best Rapper. Usually upbeat, always eccentric and slightly gangsta without the street cred. Rapping about everything from life and the universe to the media and conspiracy theories. You will soon see that Karanastic is not your average underground hip hop superstar.

This lyricist has a passion for setting fire to the microphone and delivering wicked bars. Always telling it like it is, Karanastic keeps the rhymes fast and lyrics raw. This experienced Florida Man has been creating songs before most of these Zoomers were even born . Enjoy the high production values and raspy sound made entirely in his home studio. Listen to the unique music style you need to hear to understand.

Karanastic – Keeping it real so you don’t have to.

New Summer 2022 Single

Rap n’ Roll

The new hip hop song from underground rapper known as Karanastic. The rock-rap beat with some great delivery, production quality and lines. 

Rap n' Roll

by Karanastic | 2022 Single

Merchandise at a Reasonable Price

Karanastic merchandise is now available! Get a sticker to slap on a gas station pump – or a stylish t-shirt to flaunt your good taste.

Shirts, Coasters, Stickers, Aprons, and other merchandise to represent your boy while out in public, hitting the club, or a Magic: The Gathering tournament.

Karanastic Art Design - Pinup Skull Snake Hand
Woman and Man Wearing Karanastic shirts

Listen to Good Rap Music

Enough talk, it’s time for the music. Stream these super hot tracks below and get your face melted off. All songs written and recorded by Karanastic.

TMNT Rap (The Shredder)

by Karanastic | The Internet's Nerdiest Rapper

Music Videos to Watch

Karanastic music videos. Below are a couple of featured videos, you can check out even more in the music video section. The hottest thing to graze the internet since the double rainbow guy. These videos were created entirely by Karanastic.

The UpsideDown

Experience the album that has taken the world by storm
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Lyric of the Moment

Break the system to it’s core, thirst for more like Voldermort – you in my lore – accept my fate – I’ll tak ya soul and talk to snakes – in my lane n pump ya breaks, then f**k a wand, I’ll break ya legs – punch ya stomach crack ya eggs and toss ya bike into a lake


From the song “Rap n’ Roll”