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Hi, my name is Karanastic and I make cool rap music in Central Florida.

Welcome to the official hub for everything Karanastic – where the Space Coast’s vibe meets the Internet’s Best Rap. With over 15 years in the game, my tracks have evolved into a unique blend of tech-infused lyrics, gritty truths, and a style that’s unmistakably mine. My music mirrors life – it’s raw, real, and bold, a reflection of experiences both personal and universal.

On this site, you’ll step into the world of a rapper who keeps it real so you don’t have to. Here, every beat and bar tells a story, and every track is a journey through the ups, downs, and unknown trajectories of life. From streaming and downloads of my music to lyrics that hit hard, music videos that bring the words to life, and merch that lets you carry a piece of this journey, it’s all here. Whether you’re here to nod along to the beats or to find depth in the lyrics, you’re in the right place. Dive into the Karanastic experience – where music meets reality, and every rhyme is a piece of a bigger story.

Featured Songs

Ready for some hard-hitting rap? Here are some of Karanastic’s top tracks, showcasing my unique style and lyrical prowess. Just hit the play button on any track to play a kick-ass record.

Featured Single: Flat Earth Rap

Explore new dimensions with “Flat Earth Rap,” a track where bold beats meet even bolder ideas. This single pushes the envelope, challenging conventional wisdom and mainstream narratives. It’s a mind-bending journey questioning everything from the earth’s shape to what’s real versus what’s fed. Available now on Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube, “Flat Earth Rap” invites you to break free from the ordinary and dive into the extraordinary. So, hit play, turn it up, and let the revolution of thought begin.

Official Karanastic Merchandise

Step into the underground scene with Karanastic merch! Our tees are more than just comfortable – they’re a statement. Ideal for rocking out at a country concert, standing out at a sportsball game, or showing your colors at a comic convention. And for a dash of rebellion, check out our vibrant stickers – perfect for personalizing your world. Whether you’re about challenging norms or just enjoying the vibe, Karanastic gear is your way to show you’re in on the action. Grab yours and join a community that’s all about keeping it real, raw, and refreshingly different.

Watch Karanastic’s Original Music Videos

Get a double dose of Karanastic with these two featured music videos. Unfiltered, undiluted, and unapologetic – that’s how I roll. It’s not just about listening, it’s about experiencing the artistry. Check out the music video for “Turn Up” from the album “The UpsideDown” – a pure, hard-hitting underground rap track.


Latest Mixtape – The UpsideDown

This mixtape delivers an extraordinary blend of sharp lyrics and hard-hitting beats that define Karanastic’s unique style. Stream the fresh tracks right here or on Spotify, and step into a world where rap meets reality, all turned upside down.

Karanastic Mixtape Album Art - The UpsideDown

Lyric of the Moment

“Keep it real, so ya’ll don’t have too
Run from the truth, one day it’ll catch you
Water on a ball, don’t think that’s natural
What’s propaganda vs what is factual?

From the song “Flat Earth Rap”