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Introducing Karanastic – the Internet’s Best Rapper. Living in Florida, raised in San Diego, and Rhode Island, this multi-talented rapper has been delivering electrifying rhymes and raw lyrics for years. With a background that spans across the country, Karanastic offers a unique and fresh perspective in the world of hip hop.

With a style that is upbeat, eccentric, and unapologetically honest, Karanastic is not your average rapper. Rapping about everything from life, the universe, and the media to conspiracy theories, this lyricist has a fire for setting the microphone ablaze with his sick bars. His music is high in production value and boasts a raw and raspy sound, all recorded in his own home studio.

If you’re a fan of Jelly Roll, Yelawolf, Tom McDonald, and Hopsin, you’ll love Karanastic. So why wait? Download or stream his music for free on our website or on platforms like iTunes and Spotify. Get ready to experience the unique and raw sound of the Internet’s Best Rapper.

Hottest Rap Song of 2023

Rap n’ Roll by Karanastic

Introducing the latest and greatest hip hop banger from the underground rap sensation, Karanastic. This electrifying track combines the energy of rock and the flow of rap to create a unique and powerful sound. The delivery is sharp, the production quality is top-notch, and the lyrics are filled with fire.

Rap n' Roll

by Karanastic | Hit Single - Listen Here Now

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Discover the Best in Underground Hip-Hop: Stream Karanastic’s Music Now

It’s time for the tunes! Experience the captivating beats and rhymes from Karanastic by streaming his tracks below. Each and every song is crafted and recorded by the talented rapper himself. Get ready to be enthralled by his unique sound and style.

TMNT Rap (The Shredder)

by Karanastic | The Internet's Nerdiest Rapper

Experience the Visual Storytelling of Karanastic: Watch Original Music Videos

Discover the talented artistry of Karanastic with a curated selection of music videos, showcasing his unique style and creativity. Take a deeper dive into his work with even more videos available in the dedicated music video section. Get ready to be blown away by the hottest visual sensation on the internet since the double rainbow guy! All videos created entirely by Karanastic himself.

The UpsideDown

Experience the album that has taken the world by storm
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Lyric of the Moment

Break the system to it’s core, thirst for more like Voldermort – you in my lore – accept my fate – I’ll tak ya soul and talk to snakes – in my lane n pump ya breaks, then f**k a wand, I’ll break ya legs – punch ya stomach crack ya eggs and toss ya bike into a lake


From the song “Rap n’ Roll”